Cars for Germans

The Germans are still on luxury cars. Particularly a German carmaker keep for years their loyalty. But an Asian miracle equipment is hot on their heels. BMW, Toyota and the price of Audi shares: So hot the Germany, with the highest customer loyalty. BMW leads the ranking, the forum of the benchmark study Fanfocus Germany the Mainzer market research institute! apparent, with a fan-rate of 42 percent. Thus, almost every second of the Group's German customer more than satisfied with and emotionally very strong loyalty to the company. Ranked second and third place Toyota (Fan quota: 30 percent) follow and Audi (27 percent). Mercedes had to clear with a fan-rate of 24 per cent its place among the top three. MOBILE POLICIES COMPARED Is your car perfectly insured? This way to the car price calculator Significantly fewer fans have carmaker Ford, Peugeot and Renault. They prove with Fan quota of no more than 12 percent the last three places of the ten analyzed corporations. And Germany's biggest carmaker Volkswagen is to be found when it comes to Fanquote, only in the middle again. Only good one in five Volkswagen customer is one of the most important category of the fans. Nevertheless, the carmaker is sovereign erected despite current exhaust scandal: Almost three-quarters of its customers are emotionally attached (fans and sympathizers together) and keep VW currently even in difficult times, the loyalty.